I recently took up bus driving as a second job. Because I am going through the initial training period the amount of time I can spend in the office and on this site has been reduced significantly. But the training I am receiving on some of these crazy back roads has given me a new found respect for all bus drivers everywhere. And after I finish training this week and get my license I will be responsible for the safe passage of little (and not so little) kids between school and home (this scares me actually – and it probably should you as well since I am currently working on how I can equip my bus with rockets like the bus to the left).

The primary part of this training is having me out on the road and driving around.  As I have been doing so over the last week I have become more and more comfortable behind the wheel. Tight turns that at first intimidated me now don’t worry me as much. Narrow roads that initially worried me  now pose no real need for concern. But no matter how much I drive there is always something that bothers me – the blindspots. And for a big yellow bus, they are many.

The people who design buses actually do a fantastic job of reducing the size of those blind-spots with the number of mirrors mounted on the vehicle . But they can’t get rid of them entirely. For that I need someone else…and I realize that this is not just for bus driving but for life as well. I have been blessed with a pastor who is clear about what I can work on. But I find that I still need someone else to help me see some blindspots in my life. Fortunately I have friends who are there for me and who do this very thing (though I have realized that I need to be more proactive in seeking their criticism and counsel).

What about you? What mechanism have you found helpful in this regard? Are you seeking the criticism and counsel of friends? Are you allowing others to look at an unadulterated version of your life and give you some hard words from Scripture? I have just moved to a new area and know this is something I need here.

What is at stake here is nothing short of our families, our ministries and relationships. What is at stake is our souls. What is at stake is the glory of God.

I have to admit that part of this post was just an excuse to post some crazy pictures of buses that would be fun to drive.



  1. Those buses are awesome. I like the one with the gigantic tires and those stairs that are probably also used to board small aircraft. Love it.

    Blindspots. Hmmmm…it’s like you’ve been reading my mind. I’ve been praying for God to reveal my blindspots as well. I’m finding that living in community is helping to reveal these things. Bouncing ideas off of other people, letting them look under the hood of my life, being intentionally sincere with others…it all works to let God reveal my blindspots. But I think the best resource has to be my wife. She has an insider’s look at my private and public life, and when they don’t match up she’s the first to know. Giving her the permission and encouragement to confront my blindspots is crucial.

    Great post Kendall, thanks.

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for the encouraging words. Having moved to a new place I am definitely rediscovering the value of others looking at my life on a regular basis. The blessing of having friends who not only share some of my same interests but share an interest in my soul is beyond words. What you said about our wives is true though. More than anyone else she is the one who sees and knows all my faults and foibles. I wonder if we don’t as men humble ourselves before our wives enough for that kind of inspection….speaking of which I probably need to do soon here.

      Thanks again. Miss you guys!

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