3 New Videos

I am following up this morning’s post with several more related videos. These are put out by the Ehrman Project which is an online resource for Christians (and non-Christians) to see some concise yet educated responses to Bart Ehrman, the media poster-boy for doubting the authenticity of the Scriptures. Ehrman’s criticisms are neither new nor convincing (unless he is the only one you ever hear). At the bottom of this post I am linking to a really great book on the subject which is easy to read and meant for beginners as well as the more initiated. As you enjoy keep in mind that these are snippets of many thousands of pages on this subject. He doesn’t cover everything but it is a good start!

How did the New Testament books get in there to begin with?

Do the Gospel’s disagree with one another?

Were the biblical documents doctored?

The book which I want to recommend is that of Misquoting Truth by Timothy Paul Jones. It is an excellent resource to have around for both yourself when the doubts begin to gnaw at your mind and for others who seem to have all the questions.


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