7 Misconceptions about Submission

As a man I am taking a big risk here on this post. But as a brother in Christ I care for the women that God has put in my life and sphere of ministry.

Because of that love I cannot help but pass this along. I know women struggle with submission (just like men struggle with leadership) from Genesis 3 if nothing else. So please allow me to pass onto you this post from Girls Gone Wise, a great blog for young and more mature women, on 7 misconceptions about submission for women. These are not the only ones but they are good to keep in mind (for men as well as women).

Misconception #1: Submission is universal—the directive applies to all women, even those outside of the faith community.

Misconception #2: Submission is gender-exclusive—it’s just for women.

Misconception #3: Submission is generic—every woman submits to every man.

Misconception #4: Submission is a right—a husband has the right to demand his wife’s submission.

Misconception #5: Submission is indiscriminate—it means mindless acquiescence.

Misconception #6: Submission precludes mutuality—it creates lopsided, one-way relationships.

Misconception #7: Submission promotes abuse—it encourages husbands to be domineering, self-centered boors.

Read the entire thing here. It is well worth the time.

You ladies might also be interested in the book that comes from this blog entitled Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild (pictured above) by Mary A. Kassian. I have not read the book but from what I have read and seen it is a good one. You can purchase the book here or peruse some sample pages here.


One comment

  1. Love your post and wholeheartedly agree! Thanks for sharing it. Submission is the goodness of God. His ways are mysterious and to the world, make no sense, but to the believer who lives it…it is perfectly wonderful!

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