Looking for those Deals?

It is Black Friday. For some that means you need to avoid buying anything and stand up against all forms of corporate greed and injustice. That seems a quite ridiculous and not a little  poor in its strategy. For others this means an opportunity to get all you might want and not want (and of course the businesses are going to do all they can to help you in this area). But for the Christian this is an opportunity to display the glory of God with our wallets.

Now there are other great bloggers who have put together lists of where to find the top deals so I am not going to recreate my own for that would seem self serving. Instead I will point out a few places that might interest you and then point you to those blogs where you can get a bird’s eye view over the entire web landscape as you look for the best deals.

Also, for some of you who aren’t really interested in reading a whole lot let me encourage you to read one book, other than the Bible, this next year. It will do your soul a world of good. The nice part is that books can be had for fairly good prices this year so take advantage of that and stock up.

Shepherd Press is selling all their books for $4.99.

Westminster Bookstore is selling all their ESV Bible’s at a %45 off.

Ligonier is having a spectacular $5.oo Friday sale.

Cruciform Press is also delivering some great deals.

Tim Challies has a phenomenal Roundup of some other great sales.

Aaron Armstrong also gives a list of great deals.

Hope these links help you all!

Grace and Peace!


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