Hilarious Commercial!

I try to post things that are of some value here. My greatest fear for this blog is that it will become little more than a channel for more meaninglessness in a world that is already drowning for lack of meaning. But the reality is that I am not all good books and serious thoughts. I have a wife and two boys (ages three and one). That means that when I go home I rake leaves into a big pile so my little guys can jump in it. I play “pow-pows” and pirates (I am – in the eyes of my sons – an expert with the sword) and build railroad tracks with them. And one of the things that my wife and I enjoyed doing together this past summer was watching Master Chef with Gordon Ramsay. So when we saw this commercial we both laughed hysterically and I wanted to share it with you because it is a little piece of who I am.

The irony of this commercial is that it is entitled the “Season of Reason” and is supposed to remind us to be reasonable and “smarter” in our shopping this Christmas season while simultaneously pitching for us to buy a nice car! Oh that is reasonable! Who does that? Who buys new cars for Christmas? I need to become a part of that family! Ridiculous.

And with that, Enjoy!


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