Touring the Web:

Here are some posts that I have really enjoyed recently:

Women, Stop Submitting to Men: Russell Moore talks about a difficult subject with wisdom and grace.

Authenticity is More than Clothes and Coffee: with so much talk about authenticity, Jim Hamilton looks at Paul’s authenticity…and it is quite different from what we often mean.

Calvin’s Charge to Pastors: Just some great words from a great historical pastor.

Rick Santorum Honors His Special Needs Daughter: This is just moving.

Branch Out! Three Reasons to Diversify Your Reading in 2012: If you love reading and you have found yourself revisiting the same old topics and genres in your reading than you will probably profit from this post.

Tim Tebow Uses Words at All Times Because They’re Necessary: Many NFL analysts are talking about Tim Tebow for many different reasons. They can’t seem to get over the fact that he just keeps winning. They also can’t get over the fact that Tebow keeps talking…about Jesus that is. Kurt Warner, who is a Christian himself, has gone on record as saying that maybe Tebow just needs to witness with his life and not his words. But Kurt is wrong and in this post Jared makes it clear why.

Does Writing “Xmas” Take Christ Out of Christmas?: Just an always helpful article on this topic because things aren’t always what they seem.

D.A. Carson’s Theological Method: If you are a pastor or a theological student then you need to read this analysis done by Carson’s longtime assistant Andy Naselli.

Gospel Meditations for Missions: Andy Naselli talks about a good book coming out soon.



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