The Surprising Funeral Song

I had the privilege today of participating in a funeral of a gentleman of a family connected to our church. The gentleman who had passed away was a grandfather who had lived a long full life but for those who knew and loved him it was still too short. And after listening to his loved ones and friends speak of him I understood why. This was a man who, in the words of his Son-in-law “acknowledged Jesus in almost everything.” They spoke of his generosity to others and his regular visitation to those who were physically unable to leave their homes. They spoke of his faith, his strong witness and love for Christ.

I have been to funerals where the opposite is obvious to everyone who knew the person who had passed away. The tenor of those services is always strained because hope for that person is lost. That was not the case with the funeral of this gentleman whose life was so marked by Christ that it resembled craters on the moon – no matter what angle you look at it you can’t help but see them. This man’s life had been powerfully and beautifully scarred by the power and love of Christ. This was as it should be since Christ, in his death, was powerfully and beautifully scarred for this man. And while family members eulogized and quoted poetry and remembered I was most affected by the surprising song of a little girl. The song was surprising because while it seemed out of place at a funeral it rightly struck the heart of the matter. The Surprising Funeral Song was none other than “The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock.” She only sang the first two verses but those verses clearly point out the wisdom of building our lives upon Christ while and the foolishness of founding our lives upon anything else.

What is your life being built upon? What are finding yourself thinking about most often this Christmas season? Christ or stuff?


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