Video Post: Good Answers to Hard Questions

Forty years ago the Discovery Channel and the History Channel weren’t around. Among other things this means that people, regular people, weren’t confronted with difficult questions about the history of the Bible. But this isn’t the case today. Today, more than ever, the Bible is being called into question. and this isn’t just happening in some “liberal seminary” somewhere. It is happening through the TV, internet, and books of men like Bart Ehrman. God’s word is being questioned in the privacy of our own homes.

And so I am thankful that God has given the church godly scholars who have not taken all this sitting down. Instead they have worked hard to answer these questions (whether or not their answers are even considered by the media) – and these questions do have answers. And so I want to pass along a couple of short but thoughtful videos done by the Ehrman Project (a ministry worth checking out!). These videos answer some questions that you have probably heard before (even if they have only been asked by a TV character). I hope they profit you all!

And one other:

To God be the Glory Alone!


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