Get Jerry Bridges New Book For Free!

Jerry Bridges is an author whose books have touched the minds and hearts of millions – including my own. His writing is theologically grounded, practical and realistic. His writings could not be confused with “feel-good religion” that simply maintains a thin veneer of Christianity. He is a deeply thoughtful man whose writings have led me (and many others) to think and drink more deeply about how the gospel ought to change everything in my life and yours. And I look forward to being brought back once again to the cross as my reference point to all of life in Jerry Bridges’ new book The Transforming Power of the Gospel.

And Amazon has now (for a limited time) made this book available for FREE for Kindle! Remember that you don’t need to actually own a kindle to read this book. You may read this book on your computer or on your iphone or other apple devices.

Click here for the Amazon link.

Click here to read a little of the book itself.

If you prefer to buy the physical book then you may find an inexpensive copy here.

This book is worth it (especially at this price) so please take advantage of this offer!

[Thanks to Matthew Hoskinson for the info!]




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