Around the World (Wide Web)

Because I work part time as a bus driver for my local school district I am exposed to pretty much every kind of sickness and virus in my area. And right now it seems as if every bus I drive has at least a handful of kids who are coughing or sneezing or something when they com on the bus. So over the last month I have been fighting one virus (or something) after another. While I have just started taking Airborne this week (it cut down on my cold to two and a half days!) I have none the less not been able to keep up with my own work and with writing on the blog over the last couple of weeks. So that is why my blog was on “stealth mode.” But while things were silent from me they were busy elsewhere. Let me link to a few articles that I enjoyed over the last week or so.

  • It is baseball season and so I couldn’t help myself enjoy this post about Charlie Manuel, the loveable coach for the best team in baseball (the Phillies)
  • Andy Naselli is one of the most gifted men I know. In this post he highlights several books that hit on the topic of how Christ articulated truth in relation to those around him. This is an especially important topic for Christians today in the West as we live in an ever increasing pluralistic society.
  • Tim Challies has a post on Lessons in Forgiveness that is a needed reminder for us. Any post that starts out with as good a line as “I am better at sinning than asking forgiveness” has my attention (not the least because it is true of me as well).
  • Tim Challies has also been releasing helpful info graphics apart of his “Visual Theology” series. Here is his latest one on the genealogy of Christ.
  • Aaron Armstrong is a rising star in the blogging world. I have enjoyed reading Aaron’s writing for almost a year now since I first stumbled across his blog. He often posts on things that he is reading (and he reads at a maddening pace). His post on the Sheer Madness of Sin is a good reminder to us. On another recent post Aaron recounts a the wise counsel of D. A. Carson “Do not adopt a Pollyannaish view of things.”
  • Our lives hinge upon our hearing and profiting from the preaching of God’s Word. So how can we better listen to preaching? Justin Taylor has some wisdom for us on this matter.

There are others but these are some good ones.


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