Watchsong Music

I am always on the lookout for great songs that artistically capture the Christian faith with verve and passion for the local church. Under the leadership of Paul Keew, Watchsong media is doing just that. Paul is a gifted musician and artist who is, along with others, working to create modern hymns and songs of praise. As an added bonus I have the privilege of knowing one the contributors to a few of these songs (James, my brother). Your Gospel in Us is one of the songs that I have been enjoying recently (which my brother helped write). I hope you will take advantage of the gifts that God has given to Paul and those he works with!

Lyrics to Your Gospel In Us

You are robed in perfection,
Regal in splendor,
Righteous in all Your ways.
You are Light uncreated;
All Your creation
Owes You unending praise.
Yet You made a man,
Foreseeing his ruin in sin.

We were wretched and hopeless,
Lost in rebellion,
Willful in all our ways.
We deserved condemnation,
Your holy justice
Crushing us by its weight.
Yet You sent Your Son,
Absorbing Your anger for us!

Here we stand by Your grace,
And we lift our voices in praise
To our God, three in one,
God the Father, Spirit, and Son,
Displaying Your gospel in all of Your works,
Display Your gospel in us!
Your gospel in us!

With a loud cry of anguish,
Jesus, the stricken,
Finished atonement’s work!
But the grave could not hold Him!
Jesus, the living,
Rose from His tomb of earth!
And in Jesus’ name
Believers are risen with Him!
Now alive in Your mercy,
We stand forgiven,
Never to fall from grace!
We are heirs of the Father,
Walking in love and faith.
We are jars of clay
Proclaiming Your glorious name!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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