About the Blog

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15 that the gospel is of “first importance.” That means that the gospel is central. It is too easy for us to lose our wonder at what God has done for us in the finished work of Christ and wander off away from the cross. We do this, and our churches do this, when we focus our efforts, passions, time, resources, mental energy, etc. on activities and ministries which have become disconnected from the cross of Christ.

And so we must fight to keep first things first. We must learn to live within earshot of Calvary so that the astonishing cry of the God-forsaken God echoes always in the hearing of our minds and hearts. We cannot allow that which is central to become disconnected from our identity and activity in this world.

And so this blog was created as a means to connect the cross with life – specifically my life. But you may find profit in it as well.

This does not mean that every post is going to be talking about the gospel explicitly. It does mean however that each post is going to carry the imprint of the gospel. Scripture operates much the same way. Though Christ tells two of his disciples in Luke 24 that the entire O.T. points to him some passages seem only to “whisper his name” while others are unmistakably clear. But they all do one way or another. Sometimes we just need help in making the proper connections. This is my journey, and you are welcome to join me, in making those gospel connections.


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